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September 6, 2012
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I am not a man, I am a subconscious symbol.

You shall know not my name or my age, or my physical attributes that bound me to this rock. You cannot bind me to physical stereotype, as I have no body. To you, I am words. You may not know my meaning, or my intention. You will not know the context was created in, but I am here. I am neither dead nor alive. Until you catch me, I am a concept, an idea that shall live and grow in your mind whether you like it or not. I am a jester, a jester of experience. I go beyond conformity, simply because convention does not suffice. I shall go where I please, for I am the animal of thought. Dictators worst nightmare, an uncontrollable essence.

I give meaning, and take meaning away. I state what is there and what is not. I shall thrive in your conscious as you try to forget me. I shall move on to your subconscious, where I will control you. Your only chance of freedom from me, to stop me from becoming to fixation of your mind, is to embrace what I say, to follow it and temporarily relieve your duty of living.

To experience what sense, how I think and who I am, you must turn irrationally rational. You must achieve what you think, is a state of non-individuation. To come to the realization that through absolute nihilism, no things are differential, as all things are the same. They exist and have no essence. This is a state, which is beyond good and evil, beyond the comprehension of ethics, moral and religion. With no reason or teleology behind this, it is raw logic. It is a state of absolute knowledge, where rational logic can be found. To get there is harder than one might think.

You must first immerse yourself in disbelief from all superstitions, all thought methods and ideas which have been indoctrinated unto you, free your mind. Indulge yourself with your own conscious and try exploring the mind, discover yourself and prepare live life as that person. Once you have done this you are ready for realization.

Realize existence. Look into the core of reality, by realizing the absurdity of existence. With no absolute meaning, the only essence that is true is the essence that we personally give to everything around us. Look at reality through the lens of existence. Realize that existence precedes essence. That everything that exists has no meaning. That reality has a nihilistic nature. That everything that exists is without significance. You must face the daunting fact that no absolute morals exist, no ideological rules or a set way in which you must live your life. No eternal punishment and no true justice. Good things may happen to bad people, and bad things may happen to good people. This harsh and unchangeable truth may be hard to accept, but this is a qualification to reaching a state of "pure knowledge".

Now you have accepted the nihilistic nature of existence, it is time to delve deeper into the core of reality. You must realize the insignificance of everything. Through an overall meaningless of existence, pointlessness reverberates across everything within the realms of reality. Everything mental, ideological, physical, metaphysical and dialectical becomes pointless. This unification of pointlessness along with absolute nihilism means that everything becomes the same. All thoughts, events, objects become identical in meaningless. This is more accessible when you look at the whole of existence, including time, as a bubble. From the inside, where we were created with emotion and instinct, we sense every event and object differently, due to the bias and influence of our emotions on survival and memory. However, once we look from outside the bubble inwards, we notice no change, for outside the bubble, is no emotion, no bias or memory, simply raw logic. This may be hard to understand, from the perspective of subjective and egoist thought, but to go outside the bubble, one must lose all emotion, all memory and all bias. All the features which we need to survive.

Once one has successfully exited existence, another dilemma is faced. Once one leaves our individualized reality, into a state of non-individuation, since one has lost all emotion, one also looses all motivation to seek and find knowledge. However, as soon as one exits reality, automatically they perceive all knowledge instantaneously, as the fundamental principle of outside existence is raw knowledge. Furthermore, one would not note this achievement and could never return to inside existence as their purely logical thought would disallow them to. A purely logical being would not seek to gain imperfection and bias. To this I say one thing, "Hello world!"

All this you have read, is purely metaphorical in describing the identity of an anonymous entity. You shall not criticise a bodiless being. To know answers to an exam is useful, but to understand everything on the paper is priceless. People in modern society underestimate the power and value of knowledge. I may now be free in thought from freeing myself from the constraints and bounds of society, but are you?

I am not a man, but pixels on a screen. I may be white or black, short or tall, fat or thin, old or young, male or female, but it doesn't matter, because it is my words you follow, not what I am physically. I am immortal on paper, on computers. Forever I shall carry on as a thought.  I am no longer a person, I have lost my humanity, I am an idea within your mind now. How shall you release me?

I am a jester of experience; I state what I know, what I think and how I feel. Through this I state truth, the truth of being who I am.
I don't like the use of the bubble metaphor, when such metaphors are used to describe something, it isolates the reader in a way, because they think that such things are impossible to be true. Anyway I hope you enjoy it, I am slightly subjective and hopeful with this piece, be warned!
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Eremitik Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
An interesting philosophy.
I can agree that we give meaning to things- that without our perception, things are meaningless, whether its life, love or moral principles- We exist to exist, to propagate and further that existence.
deviant-nom Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
It is through this that we survive. As animals of instinct we must individuate and give essence to everything otherwise we would not survive, we would not differentiate a hummingbird from a mountain and so forth. In order to hunt, harvest, build, advance, we learned to judge situations in order to survive, to personalize them so that we may react in a specific way. This way of thinking is irrational and impulsive. Irrationality in rationality. To understand the focus and method of existence one must lose impulsive and irrational thought, and dislocate themselves from conventional thought. They must discover raw logic.
Eremitik Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
"we learned to judge situations in order to survive, to personalize them so that we may react in a specific way. This way of thinking is irrational and impulsive."-
How is this irrational? Through experience, we realize the difference between the mountain and hummingbird. It would be irrational and impulsive to fear the hummingbird because it is a wild animal. I would think that is the type of irrational and impulsive behavior we need to eradicate- not the judging of situations so that we may survive. Raw logic allows us to judge and assess the threat level of a hummingbird through study.
deviant-nom Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
To reach raw logic, I believe you must go further, beyond a point of observation and dependency on the senses. Raw logic exists without thought, it is not part of existence, in that we may never experience it. We can deduce some of its implications, but we can never fully conceive its power. When we look at the world through our senses, we mentally distort what is really there, for example, colour doesn't physically exist, it is a mere production of the brain. We perceive the night sky to be littered in stars, when really we simply exist among them. As long as one allows perception, memory, emotion, personal judgement to interfere with logic, then it is not raw logic, it is tampered logic, which i riddled with human thought. One must look at logic as something which existed before humans, therefore, something free of memory, emotion, ect.
Eremitik Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
Interesting. So with what you saying, since raw logic exists without thought, without humans, can it not be argued that raw logic, or pure knowledge, is what we humans perceive to be "God"?
deviant-nom Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
Well no, humans created God in their image. God supposedly has human qualities, like morality, power, ect. Pure knowledge is simply the system existence uses to remain existent. Pure knowledge is true science, it is unarguable science where everything is known and not questionable. It is the mechanics of logic, the nature of reality.
Eremitik Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
You assume humans created God.
I was meaning more of the perception of God being all knowing, omnipotent.
deviant-nom Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
Do you know how the idea of God/ gods were created? The system isn't omnipotent, it is a system, theoretical, it isn't physical. It is like an idea. It is knowledge, not something which captures and stores knowledge. It is like writing on a piece of paper, it is what it is, we interpret it in different ways due to the fact that if we sense something, we distort the facts of it. It doesn't kill or create, it simply gives context to existence. Without pure knowledge we can never fully understand the complete nature of the universe.
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threedayweekend Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012   Writer
I especially liked the "hello world" reference to computing and science (I assume). Personally I believe in magic, which is very different than this even though we have similar beliefs, about absolute justice and stuff. It sounds like the bubble theory seems difficult in the same way Kantian theory is difficult: you can't escape the mechanism of thought in considering objective reality.

If we lived in the same area, I bet we would have good conversations about this haha.
deviant-nom Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
Definitely aha, I tried to throw in a whole bunch of references but yea, the danger in using the bubble theory is that since it sounds so absurd and is hard to convey, when using an actual bubble to describe existence it puts people off because they know that it is impossible for reality to be a bubble as such. However, modern magic fascinates me, we should have a conversation on it anyway, don't let the absence of a physical body stop the advancement of knowledge!

True about the thought. This universe was made in ways which contain so much entrapment.
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